This website is designed with the intention to restore Nell Nelson’s instrumental work in exposing the cruel and unsanitary working conditions of Chicago’s manufacturing industry during the late nineteenth century. Nelson’s series, "City Slave Girls," was published in The Chicago Times in late-July, 1888. Nelson was a pioneer of investigative reporting and provided ground-breaking exposure of the ill-effects of industrialization. The series completely exposed the mistreatment of the women, children, and the impoverished that worked in Chicago's manufacturing industries.
Photonegative of 'Miss Nellie Nelson'
A Photonegative of “Miss Nellie Nelson” taken by an unnamed Chicago Daily News photographer in 1910. This image is courtesy of the Chicago History Museum's online database.
Headline Image from NYU Digital Library
A clipped image from the NYU Digital Library of an advertisement from the Chicago Times printed on July, 31st 1888.